Taking A Picture

A Camera, a button, thousands of possibilities.
For a photographer, pressing that button is not a normal gesture: it is a choice, it implies the awareness that what we are actually doing is in truth expressing our very own intimate essence, imprinting it directly on the film.

That image represents ourselves in first stance, even if we were the ones behind the curtain of the shutter and reality only secondarily. Taking a picture doesn’t mean freezing and fixing in time a certain moment, it is an act of jealousy indeed, something almost illegal.

It means stealing elusive instants from time itself, which never stops ticking out.
It means seizing those instants, which a second ago were still free, still had to be lived;
untill when the photographer, under which authority, nobody knows, condemned them to eternity.

They are kidnapped, robbed moments, that have been in secret sneakily subtracted  from the marvellous world of life; and it is this very own feeling of transgression which makes that  apparently simple button so tempting, so captivating, so MAGICAL.

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