Lapland Photo Contest

  My Picture was chosen by the jury of “Aikamatkat-Timetravels Oy” as best for artistic values and I got first prize in the “2013 Lapland Photo Contest”. A very special thanks goes to Alex Brina, Matthjis Kater and to our beloved spoon.

Exhibition in Università Cattaneo LIUC

My first exhibition was held in Università Cattaneo in Castellanza (VA), Italy. It was organized in cooperation with the student association Arcadia and was open May 16-17-18, 2012. It featured 31 of my pictures. During the exhibition the visitors could vote their favorite pictures, and “Twilight Mist” resulted to be the favorite one. A big […]

Human Rights Art 2013

My picture “9/11 Memorial, May We Never Forget” was featured in the exhibition “Human Rights? Art 2013” by Roberto Ronca. Visit for more info! The exhibition lasted from August 10 untill September 10, 2013. It featured 111 works from artists of 24 different countries and was held in Specchia (Lecce). A big thanks to […]

Looking Back

A withered memory falling off a tree, The breeze of the past starts shaking your soul. The last crystallized barrier of consciousness is shattered: it’s blowing through you. That perfect moment, in this candle-lit darkness appears blurred, almost unrelated. Time creeps up into you, your own thoughts are less vivid. The wind is getting stronger, […]


You call the artist a dreamer You are accusing him of living on the edge, one step out of reality. He’s not serious, he’s not reliable, he’s just… living in his own world. Exactly. You who don’t even have time to stop for a moment and think, who maybe doesn’t even want to question… Yes, […]

Taking A Picture

TAKING A PICTURE A Camera, a button, thousands of possibilities. For a photographer, pressing that button is not a normal gesture: it is a choice, it implies the awareness that what we are actually doing is in truth expressing our very own intimate essence, imprinting it directly on the film. That image represents ourselves in […]